References to Popular Articles Published in 1997

  • Deepening insight into solar outbursts. (Researchers analyze solar outbursts called coronal mass ejections).
    By: Ron Cowen.
    Science News, Dec 20, 1997 v152 n25-26 p390.
  • ‘Solar max’ will mar millenium.
    By: Phil Berardelli.
    Insight on the News, Dec 8, 1997, v13 n45 p40(1).
  • SOHO craft helps solve a solar mystery.
    By: Ron Cowen.
    Science News, Nov 8, 1997 v152 n19 p295.
  • Two spacecraft track the solar wind to its source.
    By: James Glanz.
    Science, Oct 17, 1997 v278 n5337 p387(2).
  • Brighter sun warms greenhouse debate.
    By: Gregg Easterbrook.
    U.S. News & World Report, Oct 6, 1997 v123 n13 p34(1).
  • Satellites hint sun is growing stronger.
    By: R. Monastersky.
    Science News, Sep 27, 1997 v152 n13 p197(1).
  • Eyes on a Storm-Tossed Sun
    By: Dick ThompsonTime Magazine, Sep 8, 1997 v150 n10 p68(2).
  • Spacecraft probes beneath sun’s surface.
    By: Ron Cowen.
    Science News, Sep 6, 1997 v152 n10 p150(1).
  • Sun of its Parts: Orbiting Spacecraft Illuminates a Star’s Secrets.
    By: David Graham.
    The San Diego Union-Tribune, July 16, 1997, p. E-1.
  • Space odyssey: the solar system’s present.
    Author unknown.
    The Economist, June 21, 1997 v343 n9022 p96(1).
  • Seeing under the sun’s skin.
    By: John Kennewell.
    Sky & Telescope, June 1997 v93 n6 p91(4).
  • It came from the sun.
    By: Kathy A. Svitil.
    Discover, June 1997 v18 n6 p36(1).
  • From sun to Earth: tracking a new storm.
    By: Ron Cowen.
    Science News, April 19, 1997 v151 n16 p238(1).
  • Sunspots That Changed the World
    By: Bradley E. Schaefer
    Sky & Telescope, April 1997 v93 n4 p34(5).
  • Satellite makes solar wind count.
    By: Corrine Wu.
    Science News, March 1, 1997 v 151 n9 p135(1).
  • SOHO reveals the secrets of the sun.
    By: Kenneth R. Lang.
    Scientific American, March 1997 v276 n3 p40(8).
  • Bold prediction downplays the sun’s next peak.
    By: James Glanz.
    Science, Feb 14, 1997 v275 n5302 p927(2).
  • Solar cloud hits Earth’s magnetosphere.
    By: Ron Cowen.
    Science News, Feb 1, 1997 v151 n5 p68(1).
  • Solar storm eyed as satellite killer.
    By: Joseph C. Anselmo.
    Aviation Week & Space Technology, Jan 27, 1997 v146 n4 p61(2).
  • Spacecraft spies hills and valleys of sun.
    By: D. Vergano.
    Science News, Jan 4, 1997 v151 n1 p4(1).
  • Staring at the sun. (Observations made by the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory of the sun: includes related information on Comet Hyakutake’s emission of x-rays).
    By: Jeffrey Winters and Kathy A. Svitil.
    Discover, Jan 1997 v18 n1 p44(1).