References to Popular Articles Published in 1998


  • Big quakes seen stirring mighty surf on the sun.
    By: Jules Crittenden.
    Boston Herald – Monday, June 1, 1998. First ED, page 13.
  • Flares set off quakes on Sun.
    By: Alexandra Witze, Special from The Dallas Morning News.
    The Record (Northern New Jersey) (RE) – Monday, June 15, 1998. All Editions, Lifestyle section, page h08.
  • Scientists at MDI meeting ponder solar storms. Recent pager crash example of sun’s influence.
    By: Catherine Ivey, News staff.
    Bangor Daily News, 3rd ED – Thursday, October 1, 1998.
  • Riddles of the sun. Why is the corona hotter than the surface? What generates sunspots and periodic flareups? The spacecraft soho, launched in 1995, is shedding some light on the solar system’s most mysterious body.
    By: Faye Flam, Inquirer staff writer.
    Philadelphia Inquirer (PI) – Monday, November 23, 1998. Edition SF, features magazine / health & science, page D01.
  • Latest forecast isn’t national or local – it’s out of this world the solar storms that can be predicted, though, might affect objects as close as your TV or cell phone.
    By: Usha Lee McFarling, Inquirer Washington bureau.
    Philadelphia Inquirer (PI) – Wednesday, October 28, 1998. Edition SF, National section, page A13.
  • Researchers suggest natural changes in solar activity play a big role in global warming.
    By: Alexandra Witze, special from Dallas Morning News.
    Buffalo News (BN) – Sunday, May 10, 1998. Final edition, Viewpoints section, page H6.
  • How’s weather up there? Space forecast to tell.
    By: Usha Lee McFarling, Observer Washington Bureau.
    Charlotte Observer (CO). Wednesday, October 28, 1998 Edition 1 – 3, Main News section, Page 4A.
  • The (really) big heat. Solar cycle threatens to disrupt our lives.
    By: Seth Borenstein, of the Sentinel staff.
    Orlando Sentinel (OS) – Sunday, March 29, 1998. METRO Edition, Insight section, page G1.
  • Busy sun storm season predicted.
    By: Usha Lee McFarling, Knight Ridder Newspapers.
    New Orleans Times Picayune (NO) – Wednesday, October 28, 1998. Orleans edition, National section, page A11.
  • Scientists expect eclipse to shed light on some of sun’s mysteries.
    By: Frank D. Roylance, Sun staff.
    The Baltimore Sun (BS) – Wednesday February 25, 1998. Edition: F, section: News (National and Foreign), page 3A.
  • Sun cycle could blow el nino out of spotlight.
    By: Howard Troxler.
    St. Petersburg Times (PE) – Wednesday, April 1, 1998. Edition: 0 South Pinellas, section: City & State, page 1B.
  • Solar Sentry – The Most Sophisticated Platform of Instruments Ever Built to Study the Sun Could Help Scientists Predict Violent Solar Storms
    By: Kurt Loft.
    The Tampa Tribune – Monday, September 7, 1998. Final ED, page 8.
  • On space watch these meteorologists keep their eyes on the sun, which emits particles that can affect earth.
    By: Michael Cabbage, Staff Writer.
    Sun Sentinel (FL) – Sunday, March 8, 1998. Final edition, National section, page 3A.
  • Sunquake sheds new light on disruptive solar flares.
    By: Jane E. Allen, Associated Press.
    Charlotte Observer (CO) – Thursday, May 28, 1998 Edition: 1-3, section: Main News, page 19A.
  • El Nino, El Schmino: Geomagnetic storms are the real heavyweights; flares from sun’s surface produce most violent activity in our solar system.
    By: Michael Cabbage, Sun-Sentinel, South Florida.
    Fresno Bee (FB) – Sunday, March 8, 1998. Edition: Home, section: Metro, page B8.
  • Flare warning: solar storms enter active phase, promising communication hazards and spectacular auroras.
    By: Katy Human, Camera Staff Writer.
    Boulder Daily Camera – Monday, May 4, 1998. Firt Eition, p 1B.
  • Space weather can make waves on earth. New forecasts of solar activity aim to help those who rely heavily on satellites for communication services.
    By: Usha Lee McFarling.
    Contra Costa Times – Friday, October 30, 1998. Final ED, page A20.
  • Sizing up solar storms. New forecasts can help determine when flare-ups on the sun’s surface pose greatest threat of interference with satellites and earth’s magnetic fields.
    By: Usha Lee McFarling, Knight Ridder Newspapers.
    Beacon Journal (Akron) (AK) – Thursday October 29, 1998. Edition: 1 Star, section: Nation, page A2.
  • Mysteries of the Sun: Spacecraft called SOHO sheds new light on age-old puzzles.
    By: Faye Flam, Knight Ridder Newspapers.
    Calgary Herald – December 5, 1998. Final ED, page B6.
  • Solar wind’s spectacular gift still has scientists stumped. Particles from the sun create aurora borealis – but how?
    By: Alexandra Witze, special to The Star (Knight-Ridder Newspapers).
    Toronto Star – July 12, 1998. Page E8.
  • Get set for El Nino in space: Solar-storm cycle is heating up, could wreak havoc on electrical grids, satellite systems
    By: Lynn Moore.
    Montreal Gazette – April 11, 1998. Final ED, page I8.


  • The Sun.
    By: Kenneth R. Lang.
    Chapter in book entitled THE NEW SOLAR SYSTEM, Sky Publishing.
  • Sunquakes may power solar symphony. (ringing noises from the Sun may be due to downdrafts that plunge gas below the surface) (Brief Article).
    By: Erik Stokstad.
    Science, v279 n5353 p987(1) – Feb 13, 1998.
  • The Sun: an observing primer. (solar cycle observation).
    By: Harold Hill.
    Sky & Telescope, v95 n3 p105(6) – March 1998.
  • SOHO observations implicate “magnetic carpet” as source of coronal heating in quiet sun. (Solar and Heliospheric Observatory).
    By: Charles Day.
    Physics Today, v51 n3 p19(3) – March 1998.
  • Solar puzzle solved? (Corona is hotter than surface).
    By: Arthur Fisher.
    Popular Science, v.252(5) p24 – May 1998.
  • ULYSSES laps sun, inspires new missions. (conclusion of spacecraft’s seven year orbit).
    By: Alexander Hellemans.
    Science, v280 n5364 p668(2) – May 1, 1998.
  • Craft eyes solar storms, hints at cooler core. (solar observations by Solar and Heliospheric Observatory).
    By: Ron Cowen.
    Science News, v153 n18 p279(1) – May 2, 1998.
  • Solar flare triggers energetic sunquake. (response much like earthquakes under the solar surface).
    By: Ron Cowen.
    Science News, v153 n22 p342(1) – May 30, 1998.
  • Photos of Solar Flares Alter Perception of Sun.
    By: Judy Silber.
    Christian Science Monitor – Thursday, June 18, 1998.
  • Seeking the sun’s deepest notes.
    By: Alexander Hellemans.
    Science, v280 n5372 p2047(1) – June 26, 1998.
  • Flare triggers sunquake.
    By: Ruth Larson.
    Insight on the News, v14 n25 p43(1) – July 6, 1998.
  • Hopes rise after SOHO calls home. (contact Solar and Heliospheric Observatory reestablished).
    By: James Glanz.
    Science, v281 n5379 p891(1) – August 14, 1998.
  • New views of our active sun.
    Author unknown.
    Sky & Telescope, v96 n3 p20(1) – Sept 1998.
  • Quake and bake. (Solar storms send seismic waves through the sun).
    By: David Appell.
    Popular Science, v.253(3) p28 – Sept 1998.
  • Catching a solar wave. (seismic waves in space).
    Author unknown.
    Astronomy, v.26 n9 p24(2) – Sept 1998.
  • A Space-Age Portrait of the Active Sun.
    By: David E. McKenzie and Timothy F. Slater.
    The Physics Teacher, v36 n7 pp403-407 – Oct 1998.
  • Blowin’ in the Solar Wind: Scientists Are Using the Latest Satellites and Supercomputers to Predict the Onslaught of Space Storms
    By: Adam Frank
    Astronomy, v26 n10 p60(6) – Oct 1998.
  • Sounding out our swollen sun.
    Author unknown.
    Sky & Telescope, v96 n6 p22(1) – Dec 1998.