2020 George Ellery Hale Prize Winner – Kazunari Shibata

25th February 2020

Kazunari Shibata

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Dr. Kazunari Shibata of Kyoto University, Japan, is awarded the George Ellery Hale Prize for his outstanding work on the properties and behavior of magnetized solar and astrophysical plasmas.

Dr. Shibata’s prodigious work over his distinguished career includes the discovery of jets in the solar atmosphere; the development of original theories and numerical simulations of solar jets, spicules, and mass ejections; and the discovery of super-flares on distant stars. Dr. Shibata’s research embodies more than solar physics and has included studies of stellar magnetic activity and its impact on exoplanets. Dr. Shibata has played a significant role in the Japanese Yohkoh and Hinode solar observing satellites. He currently serves as the Director of the Kwasan and Hida observatories.

The Hale prize is awarded for outstanding contributions to solar astronomy over an extended period of time and is presented in memory of George Ellery Hale (1868-1938).


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